Triumph Debate Student Testimonials

Take a look at what some of our former students from our summer and winter camps as well as live workshops have to say about Triumph Debate instruction, and how it helped them!

"The camp was amazing. It helped my team/school a lot with our NCFL qualifying tournament in January, and everyone (3) who entered from our school qualified. The feedback from experienced judges was also great."

- Amrit B.

"I would totally recommend it! I would tell them that this camp is very good at helping you improve on certain areas that you need to improve on. Also, this camp is very good if you need something to do during winter break! I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about the topic for Jan/Feb and also want to improve on individual flaws in their debating skills."

- Lexi D.

"Started to consistently reach out-rounds while also making it past the first elim round. Beat some of the adored debaters on the circuit and did it in a way that the judges liked it."

"I would say that it will be some of the best coaching you will ever get. I would definitely recommend the Triumph Debate Winter Intensive especially if you want to get ahead of the competition."

- Michael B.

"Triumph Debate should be your one-stop-shop for all things Lincoln-Douglas related! I came across Triumph through their FREE briefs while preparing for the March-April 2021 topic of "Resolved: The United States ought to guarantee Universal Child Care," and by using their perfectly-cut cards and strategies, I placed at 4/5 tournaments on the topic, including 1st place at the WACFL Metrofinal Championship that qualified me for NCFL Nationals! Before VHSL State Championships, I met with Matt Slencsak for 2 hours, again, all for FREE! He gave me some specific advice, like how to decide on focusing on an opponent's framework contentions and how to weigh the round through a comparative-worlds or truth-testing analysis... Not just that, but he gave me a comprehensive introduction to progressive debate, an eye-opening experience for a life-long traditional debater! I attended Triumph's NCFL LD Workshop, and let me tell you, it was the best $15 I've ever spent! Triumph gave a comprehensive topic analysis to complement their similarly-comprehensive briefs, taught me how to adapt to different kinds of judges on the NCFL circuit, answered my many questions on rebuttal strategies, and paired me up with some amazing coaches for 1-on-1s, including 2018 NCFL Champ Eva Lamberson who introduced me to the Verbatim and Cite Creator software that I'm sure will take my debate game to the next level! Thanks to Katie Humphries and Triumph for putting together an amazing service that makes debate more equitable to people like myself! (Also, thanks to whoever runs the Triumph Insta for sharing cards and 2AR strategies ahead of my VHSL State Championship) I look forward to taking what Triumph has taught me and make it big in debate!"

- Saahas G.

"My camp experience was great! I learned so much! The lectures provided me with so much information, the group activities were fun to participate in, and the instructors provided much needed guidance during individual sessions."

- Sarah L.

"Triumph debate is a masterful articulation of the fundamental ideas and concepts of debate, how to use them, and how to apply that to debate rounds. I would recommend it wholeheartedly."

"My camp experience was absolutely amazing. I learned so much about debate that I feel like a novice again. I connected with my instructors on a level that could be described as friendship, and met a lot of interesting people along the way."

- Zach G.

"I would totally recommend it to everyone, especially those who have at least half/one year of experience. All the best resources are there, and if you need more, you can just ask! No matter who, if you put in the effort, you can really get the best out of the camp :)"

- Anuva F.

"I would very much recommend Triumph Debate's Winter Intensive! Throughout the camp, I have learned so many new debate concepts and ideas! Personally speaking, I am very new to the circuit, and this camp was much needed to help me gain a clearer and broader picture of what the many complex components of debate are. I was able to find certain topics that I am interested in and would like to specialize in throughout my debate career. You could tell each instructor had a passion for debate and sincerely cared about helping each of us get one step closer to reaching our potential in debate, no matter what level we had."

- Rhea R.

"My camp experience was very positive and informative. The instructors were very patient and helpful which made it easy to learn. Getting to judge a debate between the instructors was really fun."

- Abigayle C.

"It's a very fun time, and you get to get much better at not only speaking, but also researching, debating, confidence, strategies, etc. I would definitely recommend it."

- Ryan Z.

"This debate camp will be a formative experience in your approach to and experience in debate. I strongly recommend the Triumph Winter Debate Intensive for aspiring debaters who are passionate about their commitment to Lincoln-Douglas Debate, because you'll find incredibly smart, skilled, and experienced debaters both as instructors and colleagues who will both broaden and deepen your knowledge and skill set. Completely worth the sticker price, and more!"

- Conor L.

"It was super positive and fun and I learned so much!!! I suggest Triumph for any debater who wants to get better at debate. I learned so much."

- Michael S.

"This intensive was extremely helpful considering the short time period it was. Also, the instructors are nice and supportive. I would recommend the Triumph Debate Winter Intensive since it gives you a deep understanding of the upcoming topic and it's great to improve your debate skills over winter break."

- Zoie W.

"The camp was very fun and well worth the money. I learned a tremendous amount from the dedicated instructors."

- Corbin C.

"I loved all of the content and experiences in camp. I loved bonding with other campers and getting to know everyone! Being able to talk one on one with different coaches allowed me to learn in different ways. I honestly wish that schools could do this! Camp was an amazing experience! Thank you!"

- Joy F.

"I had a lot of fun and it was a really positive experience. I did indeed connect with all the instructors. The way that the instructors were able to teach was very helpful. They targeted my weak points and strengthened them."

- Shashank R.