About Our Scholarships

To make Speech and Debate more accessible, Triumph Debate offers scholarships to students who demonstrate financial need and a dedication to debate. Have questions still? Check out our FAQ's page here!
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Triumph Debate Scholarship Application

Please note: scholarships to Triumph Debate Camp are not based on debate talent or skill, but rather entirely based on need.

Scholarship Type
Please upload a short essay (max 250 words) to tell us a bit about yourself.
Please upload document(s) demonstrating need. This can include tax forms, pay stubs, a letter from your school administration, or other documents.
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Our Scholarships

Below are the three types of scholarships we offer.

Financial Aid Scholarship

Students demonstrating financial need can apply for our Need-Based Financial Aid. We encourage students to apply early, as our aid is disbursed on a rolling basis.

UDL Scholarship

To help make the debate space more inclusive and fair, we are offering a scholarship to attend Triumph Debate Camp to students that primarily compete in a Urban Debate League. Applications for our UDL Scholarships are now open.

Travel Scholarship

Our travel scholarship is designed to make our camp more accessible for all students. If you are attending Triumph Debate Camp from out of state, you may apply for our travel scholarship.


  1. Get an estimate! If you need aid estimate to determine whether our camp is for you, we encourage you to submit a Scholarship Application.

  2. Apply early! Scholarship awards will be determined on a rolling basis. The earlier you apply, the higher the likelihood you'll receive aid.