How To Indict Pieces of Evidence

How To Indict Pieces of Evidence No matter what event you compete in – LD, PF, or Policy – you likely use a good chunk of evidence. Some debaters rely on evidence a lot more than others, but, almost everyone uses it to some extent. And because of that, you’ve likely been in rounds where your opponent has a piece … Read More

What To Do When The Affirmative Breaks New

I’ve decided to write this article instead of studying for my midterms. Hello Ohio policy debate. I’m sure everyone competing this weekend at the state tournament has been working hard, improving their files, cutting cards, writing blocks, etc. One of the things I would expect, as I’m sure you are, is that teams will be writing new arguments. This article … Read More

Extinction Comes First: The Nuclear Arsenals Topic

Extinction Comes First: Traditional LD and the Nuclear Arsenals Topic With the current Lincoln-Douglas topic dealing directly with nuclear weapons, it makes sense that a lot of debaters will be making arguments about existential risk. In traditional LD, extinction impacts aren’t all that common. Which is why I decided to write a brief explanation of how extinction impacts function in … Read More

Flyer: The Benefits of Speech & Debate

The Benefits of Speech & Debate Flyer Many coaches and teams utilize statistics regarding the benefits of Speech & Debate at team nights, parent nights, Board Meetings, meetings with school administrators, and more. Triumph Debate put together this handout that teams & coaches can pass out to students, parents, administrators and more. In order to download, simply right click the … Read More

The Best & Worst Utilitarianism Responses: Explored & Debunked

Utilitarianism Responses Explored & Debunked Any debater who’s been around me knows that I love utilitarianism. It’s my favorite philosophy, and I’ve read quite a bit about it. This is why the current state of debate around utilitarianism in Ohio, and other traditional circuits, bothers me so much. It’s intellectually dishonest, lazy, and often completely warrantless. As such, I thought … Read More

Structural Violence

Sample Structural Violence Framework: If your circuit uses a value: you can insert whatever value is most applicable to the topic or you prefer to run. Justice or morality work best with this criterion. In order to create a society that is [just/moral/insert your value], we must recognize our biases and actively strive to ensure all people are morally included. … Read More

Rule of Law

Sample Rule of Law Framework: If your circuit uses a value: you can insert whatever value is most applicable to the topic or you prefer to run. Justice or governmental legitimacy work best with this criterion. Barnett 98 [Randy E. Barnett, Patrick Hotung Professor of Constitutional Law at Georgetown University, “The Structure of Liberty: Justice and the Rule of Law”, 1998, … Read More


The value for today’s round is justice. Philip Pettit of Princeton University 2003 writes Think of how you feel when your welfare depends on the decision of others and you have no come-back against that decision. You are in a position where you will sink or swim, depending on their say-so. And you have no physical or legal recourse, no … Read More

Rawls – 2 Principles of Justice

The value for today’s round is justice defined as fairness. John Rawls writes in “A theory of Justice” 1971[1] In justice as fairness the original position of equality corresponds to the state of nature in the traditional theory of the social contract. This original position is not, of course, thought of as an actual historical state of affairs, much less … Read More