Triumph Campers Start 2021-22 Season With A Bang!

Triumph Debate campers started the 2021-22 Season with a bang! We’re so excited to share the success of our students over the months of September/October. If we missed a success of yours, feel free to comment it below! We teach how to win everywhere, which is why our students placed at tournaments all over the country! From locals in Minnesota … Read More

Triumph Debate Camp 2021 Topic Announced

The Triumph Debate Camp will be focusing on the November/December topic area. We will explore all three resolutions, analyze what makes them different, and how students should approach various resolutions. For practice and preparation purposes, Triumph Debate will be using the topic: Resolved: The United States ought to condition trade agreements on adherence to enforceable labor standards.

NSDA Officially Released 2021-2022 LD & PF Topics

The Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum Wording committee have officially finished constructing topics for the 2021-2022 season. According to the NSDA, “Member students and one chapter advisor per active school will vote for each topic one week prior to the topic release date.” Students and coaches may begin voting for the September/October LD & PF topics on August 1st, 2021. You … Read More

How To Win NSDA Nationals In LD: By Jo Spurgeon

Catchy title, right? But unlike your cases, there’s no warrant. No one-trick takes you from novice to national champion overnight. So to all of you looking for that kind of blog post, I’m sorry I can’t provide you solace. I can, however, give you some ideas on the best ways to maximize this last week of prep, because as all … Read More

How To Create A Consistent Debate Routine/Schedule

From novice to varsity debate, one of the most useful skills a debater can have is an outlined debate routine to help them guide their own steady improvement. At some point, in all debate events and debate leagues, you will have to do your own work outside of debate class/team practice. Creating a schedule is especially difficult for younger debaters, … Read More

Debate Camp: Why Should I Attend & How Do I Pick One?

Speech and Debate camps are fairly common, and it’s likely that many of the successful debaters you know of in your circuit or on your team have attended a debate camp. But, you might be wondering why many people have paid hundreds to thousands of dollars to spend their summer learning debate, and what the benefits are? In this article, … Read More

NEW: NSDA Announces “modest fee” for use of Tabroom

On June 4th, the National Speech and Debate Association announced that they will now be charging a “modest fee” for tournaments ran through, the most popular national Speech and Debate tournament software. The NSDA will begin charging the fee starting August 1st, 2021. For the past fifteen years, the NSDA has sponsored the use of Tabroom for free, incurring … Read More

A Critique Of Hiring Norms In Speech and Debate

As the season continues to wrap up, more debate institutions are announcing their new staff hires. It is an exciting time for everyone; former competitors are eager to dive into the world of coaching and students are looking to see who they will be learning from. Yet, despite the momentum behind new staff hires for debate institutions, there isn’t much … Read More

An Outline Of Debate-Specific LGBTQ+ Resources

With the month of June (finally) arising amidst a hectic and chaotic 2020-2021 debate season, we also get to celebrate the start of Pride Month – a tribute to those involved in the Stonewall Riots and a celebration of LGBTQ+ folks. Like many other structural barriers that exist outside the debate space, our community, unsurprisingly, is fraught with queerphobia. Ingrained … Read More

Triumph Debate Camp Scholarship Contest

The 2021 Triumph Debate Camp Scholarship (“contest”) is sponsored by Triumph Debate, and is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws. Triumph Debate reserves the right to change, alter, or modify these rules and/or dates at any time without notice. Winning students will receive funds to attend the Triumph Debate Camp. Rules and requirements are listed below. 1.) … Read More