Locke – Social Contract

Because only a legitimate authority generates political obligations, I value governmental legitimacy. Simmons of Cornell University 1999 explains This Lockean account utilizes one standard moral conception of state legitimacy [which is that],‘ and it is this conception of legitimacy” that I will hereafter have in mind when I use that term. A state’s (or government’s) legitimacy is the complex moral … Read More


Note – This framework is fairly long and may not be exactly the advocacy you’re looking for. That’s okay! It has a ton of great cards and analysis that you can use to justify and explain cosmopolitanism. I value Global Justice. Global justice is a cosmopolitan view of justice that claims that each person has an inalienable equal human worth, … Read More


Here, we have a few different options for consequential frameworks. A lot of them use the same/similar cards, but may serve different purposes. The first framework we outline is if you’re really trying to justify consequentialism, and are worried you may lose that debate –  Insert whatever value is most applicable to the topic or you prefer to run. Justice, … Read More


If applicable, insert your value of choice, based on the topic or what you prefer. Justice, morality and governmental legitimacy work well.  Communitarianism is required to protect both democracy, and individual rights. Amitai Etzioni, Professor of Government at George Washington University 1993 explains Neither human existence nor individual liberty can be sustained for long outside the interdependent and overlapping communities … Read More