Learning Resources

Triumph Debate is dedicated to producing resources for students, coaches and teams to utilize to better learn debate, and equal the playing field for disadvantaged teams and students. We are continuously expanding our learning resources, so be sure to check back frequently!

Framework Vault

The Framework Vault is a collection of over a dozen common traditional Lincoln Douglas frameworks written by Triumph Debate’s expert staff, designed to help debaters get started and expand knowledge areas. Philosophy is an incredibly difficult area of Lincoln Douglas debate to grapple with, especially for students who do not have coaches, teammates or backlogs of resources. 

Worksheet Catalog

Triumph Debate has put together over 50 practice worksheets, primarily aimed at new debaters, as well as a handy answer guide to help review answers. Our goal with these worksheets is to help teachers, coaches, and captains assist their younger members in learning debate! In order to download the worksheet, simply click on the worksheet and download!