Debate Camp   Registration Process

Below we have outlined what the registration process looks like for Triumph Debate Camp.

1 – Determine if Triumph is Right for You.

Before even beginning the registration process, you should first ensure that Triumph Debate Camp is right for you.
Why Triumph?

2 - Apply for Financial Aid & Scholarships

Some students may qualify for reduced debate camp tuition based on their family income, high travel costs and other factors.
Apply For Aid

3 – Register for our Summer Institute

Visit our registration page to view the events we offer, our options for length, our dates, prices and more about our debate camp.
Register Now

4 – Fill out all Necessary Forms

After camp registration, students must submit & review all required forms (media consent forms, medical forms, packing lists, etc).

This step is required, and students will not be able to attend debate camp unless all forms are returned to us.

5 – Meet the Staff Workshop

Before debate camp begins, we will invite all campers to a workshop where they can meet their instructors & mentors, and have the opportunity to ask any questions they have.

6 - Join us for the Start of Camp!

Once steps 1-5 have been completed, you will be all ready to join us for the start of our virtual debate camp on July 5th, 2021.

Day of Arrival Instructions


Our Lincoln Douglas Sessions (July 5th - 18th)

Traditional Division (2 weeks): $1,395

Triumph Debate Camp offers a traditional division that focuses on LD debate successful at NCFL/NSDA tournaments. We prioritize understanding core debate skills, philosophy and framework, communication, and more. This division is ideal for students who compete in local circuits, want to succeed at their state tournament, or hope to do well at NSDA Nationals.

Progressive  - Transition Division (2 weeks): $1,395

Triumph Debate Camp features a Progressive-Transition division that focuses on assisting students from various backgrounds transition to the National Circuit. Ideal students for this program include those who competed in other events on the National Circuit, debaters who have experience primarily on local circuits, students looking to transition from Junior Varsity to Varsity, and students who want to make a more full-season commitment to the National Circuit.

Experienced coaches

Completely virtual instruction

All sessions are recorded

Individualized instruction

Modular curriculum and schedule

Hundreds of modules and electives

Choice in schedule and curriculum selection

Prorated rates of tuition for students who need to miss portions of camp

Have questions? Schedule a chat with our Director to learn more about Triumph Debate Camp!

Contact Us

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  • Visit our FAQ’s page