Triumph’s activities, labs and electives focus on building on our students’ current abilities and foundations to cultivate a series of skills that will apply to any debate topic. Below we have outlined some of the core attributes of each of our debate camp sessions. We encourage all interested students to take the time to review our full curriculum page for each session. Some key attributes about our curriculum:

    • We strive for a 4:1 (student to staff) ratio
    • We prioritize hands on learning and educational yet fun group activities
    • Our staff offer an array of different perspectives meaning our campers are taught a robust curriculum

Lincoln Douglas

Our Lincoln Douglas Debate labs teach students an in depth understanding of philosophy and framework, how to improve technical debate skills, and strategies for performative persuasion. You can learn more about our LD Debate Curriculum here.

Policy Debate

Our Policy Debate lesson plan is designed to teach our campers core CX debate skills and topic knowledge. In addition, students who attend our policy camp will learn how to execute advanced strategies on all argument types. You can learn more about our CX Debate Curriculum here.

Triumph Extension

Along with our main session, students can choose to register for our one-week long extension, Triumph-X. At Triumph-X, students will dive deeper into our lessons and activities. This extension option is only available to students who attend our main session.