If applicable, insert your value of choice, based on the topic or what you prefer. Justice, morality and governmental legitimacy work well. 

Communitarianism is required to protect both democracy, and individual rights. Amitai Etzioni, Professor of Government at George Washington University 1993 explains

Neither human existence nor individual liberty can be sustained for long outside the interdependent and overlapping communities to which all of us belong. Nor can any community long survive unless its members dedicate some of their attention, energy, and resources to shared projects. The exclusive pursuit of private interest erodes the network of social environments on which we all depend, and is destructive to our shared experiment in democratic self-government. For these reasons, we hold that the rights of individuals cannot long be preserved without a communitarian perspective.

Thus, the value criterion is promoting communities. A community Is made up of two components. Etzioni 2002 explains

A key concept I draw upon in the following characterization of a good society is the term community. I define it as follows: Community is a combination of two elements: A) A web of affect laden relationships among a group of individuals, relationships that often crisscross and reinforce one another-rather than merely one-on-one or chainlike individual relationships; B) A measure of commitment to a set of shared values, [and] norms, and meanings, and a shared history and identity-in short, to a particular culture.

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