A Champions Guide To Succeeding At NCFLs

Everyone, this is not a drill — we’re only a few days away from the NCFL Grand National Tournament (catnats, if you will)! This is a particularly exciting year, as it is the first in-person catnats in a while (after it was cancelled in 2020 and online in 2021.) Catnats is a great tournament, and I want all of you … Read More

Preparing For World Schools Debate: A Beginners Guide

World Schools Debate is a team event which combines both impromptu and prepared motions. In High School, you may have the opportunity to do it as your full-time event, but oftentimes debaters from Policy, LD, Congress, Public Forum and even speech events may find themselves on a World Schools team for the NSDA tournament. World Schools not only trains you … Read More

Debate Camp: Why Should I Attend & How Do I Pick One?

Speech and Debate camps are fairly common, and it’s likely that many of the successful debaters you know of in your circuit or on your team have attended a debate camp. But, you might be wondering why many people have paid hundreds to thousands of dollars to spend their summer learning debate, and what the benefits are? In this article, … Read More

An Outline Of Debate-Specific LGBTQ+ Resources

With the month of June (finally) arising amidst a hectic and chaotic 2020-2021 debate season, we also get to celebrate the start of Pride Month – a tribute to those involved in the Stonewall Riots and a celebration of LGBTQ+ folks. Like many other structural barriers that exist outside the debate space, our community, unsurprisingly, is fraught with queerphobia. Ingrained … Read More

A Debate Summer To-Do-List by Nethmin Liyanage

As the debate season comes to a close and seniors leave their teams and the world of debate in search of their next great adventure, younger students in debate are left wondering how to fill the leadership positions that the seniors left behind while also improving their own skills and preparing to reach their goals for the upcoming season. The … Read More

How To Support Your Student In Speech & Debate

As parents, we all want the best opportunities for our children. Whether it’s a math class or a sport, we want to help our child succeed. For students who have developed a passion for Speech and Debate, it can be hard to know how to help your child succeed. If you are interested in learning more about how you can … Read More

Triumph Debate Camp 2020 Policy Camp Files

Our Camp Files.Click to download each file. Con Con CP + Article V NB Hollow Hope DA Courts 8th Amendment CP Qualified Immunity AFF + NEG Students can utilize the resources provided by the Triumph Debate Policy staff members, who have cultivated hundreds of pages of free evidence on the 2020-2021 Policy Debate topic, CJS reform.

Best Speech & Debate Team Fundraising Ideas

This is a list of Triumph Debate’s top fundraising tips & ideas for Speech and Debate teams. We are constantly adding to this list as our team comes up with new ideas. If you have any great fundraising suggestions for Speech & Debate Teams, please let us know HERE! In addition to reading out tips and ideas, we recommend checking … Read More

How To Choose An Online Debate Camp

How To Choose An Online Debate Camp As debate institutes are switching to online camps more and more, many debaters find themselves struggling to know what camp to register for, if any. Especially because in these unprecedented times, many debaters may have never considered an online debate camp and have no idea what to look for. In this article, we … Read More

Flyer: The Benefits of Speech & Debate

The Benefits of Speech & Debate Flyer Many coaches and teams utilize statistics regarding the benefits of Speech & Debate at team nights, parent nights, Board Meetings, meetings with school administrators, and more. Triumph Debate put together this handout that teams & coaches can pass out to students, parents, administrators and more. In order to download, simply right click the … Read More