How To Win Rounds Against “Better™” Debaters

I debated on a local circuit in the state of Ohio. And even though I almost exclusively competed in one debate category, I generally knew who the Ohio community viewed as the “Best Debaters™” in other categories. A combination of tuning in to the award ceremonies, overhearing hallway buzz and chatter, and listening to the opinions of my teammates kept … Read More

How To Indict Pieces of Evidence

How To Indict Pieces of Evidence No matter what event you compete in – LD, PF, or Policy – you likely use a good chunk of evidence. Some debaters rely on evidence a lot more than others, but, almost everyone uses it to some extent. And because of that, you’ve likely been in rounds where your opponent has a piece … Read More

What To Do When The Affirmative Breaks New

I’ve decided to write this article instead of studying for my midterms. Hello Ohio policy debate. I’m sure everyone competing this weekend at the state tournament has been working hard, improving their files, cutting cards, writing blocks, etc. One of the things I would expect, as I’m sure you are, is that teams will be writing new arguments. This article … Read More