Registration Process

Below we have outlined what the registration process looks like for Triumph Debate Camp.

1 – Determine if Triumph is Right for You.

Before even beginning the registration process, you should first ensure that Triumph Debate Camp is right for you.
Why Triumph?

2 - Apply for Financial Aid & Scholarships

Some students may qualify for reduced tuition based on their family income, high travel costs and other factors.
Apply For Aid

3 – Register for our Summer Institute

Visit our registration page to view the events we offer, our options for length, our dates, prices and more.
Register Now

4 – Fill out all Necessary Forms

After registration, students must submit & review all required forms (media consent forms, medical forms, packing lists, etc).

This step is required, and students will not be able to attend unless all forms are returned to us.

5 – Meet the Staff Workshop

Before camp begins, we will invite all campers to a workshop where they can meet their instructors & mentors, and have the opportunity to ask any questions they have.

6 - Join us for the Start of Camp at JCU!

Once steps 1-5 have been completed, you will be all ready to join us for the start of camp at John Carroll University on July 5th, 2021.

Day of Arrival Instructions


Our Sessions

Triumph Debate Camp: July 5th - 18th (tentative)

Triumph Debate Camp main session is a two week institute that offers CX & LD hosted at John Carroll University. We offer both a residential ($2,295) and commuter option ($1,795).

Triumph Debate Camp X: 19th- 25th (tentative)

Along with our main session, students can choose to register for our 1-week long extension (Triumph X). The cost of the extension is $1,150 in addition to the residential or commuter option tuition. This extension option is only available to students who attend our main session.
  • Residential & Commuter options
  • Events include Lincoln Douglas Debate & Policy Debate
  • Up to three-weeks of intensive intruction
  • Early registration discounts available
  • Both sessions will be hosted at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio

Contact Us

  • 234-206-1250
  • Visit our FAQ’s page