Triumph Debate is an organization dedicated to making debate fair and accessible for everyone. Our staff members come from diverse backgrounds, both in debate, and life experiences. From not having a debate coach, to attending and/or coaching at a low income high school, we know adversity in Speech and Debate, and hope to use our experiences to help current debaters as well as improve the debate community. No matter what school you go to, where you’re from or your income level, Triumph Debate is for you.

Our core values.

We promote Education

We believe the purpose of debate is to educate students, and we incorporate that in everything we do. From our free educational videos to our helpful initiatives, we want to help debaters learn.

We Pursue accessibility

One of the foundational principles behind the creation of Triumph Debate is increasing accessibility. We believe that all students, no matter their circumstances, should be able to be successful in debate.

We engage in diversity of ideas

A core pillar of Triumph Debate is continuously engaging with diverse ideas. We believe that there is value in all different types of debate and argumentation. Each of our staff comes from a distinct background, allowing them to offer unique perspectives that enhance the work we do.

What we do.

Content production

We produce content on a weekly basis. This includes YouTube videos that break down the newest topic, or educational videos about specific areas of debate. In addition to our videos, we also produce educational content in the form of articles. You can check out our Blog & Updates page to see some of our work.

Projects & Initiatives

Triumph Debate is always developing new projects in tons of different areas. Some of our existing projects include: our Framework Vault that has over a dozen sample frameworks, our Resource page that outlines incredibly helpful debate resources, our Coaching Directory, that helps debaters without coaches find one that fits their needs, and more. Triumph continuously seeks out new initiatives that can be of help to debaters.

Triumph Debate Camp

Triumph Debate holds a two-week long summer debate camp (from July 5th to 18th) at John Carroll University, in Ohio. We also offer a 1 week extension, for debaters who want to learn even more! We offer labs in Policy Debate as well as Lincoln Douglas Debate.  You can learn about our instructors, curriculum, schedule, pricing and more by visiting our Camp tab!

Want to join us?

We are always looking for additional staff members.
Apply Now

Camp Instructor

We are looking for additional camp instructors for our 2021 sessions.

Content Producer

We are always in need of staff to produce content, for videos and articles.

Brief Contributor

Triumph is looking for additional staff to cut cards & write analysis for our briefs.

Camp Instructor

Camp instructors will join us at JCU to teach our campers for two weeks.

What We're Looking For

01. Able and willing to prepare lesson plans, including notes, worksheets, PowerPoints, and more.

02. Willing to undergo extensive training, thorough interview process and a background check. It is important to Triumph that our staff is well trained.

03. Demonstrate a strong understanding of the knowledge and content outlined in our curriculum. This will be tested through our interview process.

04. Demonstrate an ability to teach children. This is most important to us. While many individuals can be great at debate, we are looking for instructors who have the skills to pass their knowledge on effectively.

05. This position is ideal for somebody who loves to teach and has the time & ability to dedicate two weeks to doing so.

Content Producer

Content producers will create educational/commentary videos or articles to be published by Triumph Debate.

What We're Looking For

01. Triumph Debate brings on staff members who write articles and blog-posts in areas such as: educational write-ups, research analysis, script writing for YouTube videos, and more. 

02. We are looking for individuals who would like to write, research, and edit. Demonstration of these three key skills is crucial.

03. Triumph Debate also publishes external work. Essentially, if you already have written an article, whether a blog post or an educational write-up, you can submit it to be published by Triumph Debate and we will determine whether it is content we feel appropriate, relevant and constructive.

04. This position is ideal for somebody who is skilled in writing, research, and editing, as well as has unique ideas about the Speech and Debate community.

Brief Contributor

Triumph Debate produces free and publicly available briefs. We are seeking staff to conduct research and write analysis for our briefs.

What We're Looking For

01. Individuals skilled in effective research. The ability to locate quality research articles and papers is necessary.

02. Able to follow research formatting guidelines. These will be provided to you, and in training, will be reviewed.

03. Capable of making a quick turnaround - briefs must be published as soon as possible once the topics are released. Individuals must be able to work quickly within that timeframe.

04. Able to communicate effectively with other staff members, especially to discuss work already completed.

05. This position is ideal for somebody who enjoys researching, but wants a smaller position with less obligations.